[Ontbirds]White Pelican @ Cootes Paradise - Wed.Aug 18

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 23:46:48 EDT 2004

  Hi all!
          Thanks to Cheryl's posting, I was able to zip out to the 'High 
Bridge' and observe this bird sitting/roosting in the open on the crown of 
Rat Island.  I watched it from 4:15 pm for about 15 minutes, during which 
time it untucked its enormous orange bill from under its wing just twice. 
Even though the air was quite hazy, I had great looks with my 32X Kowa, of a 
very impressive bird.
           On the other side of York Street an Osprey was soaring over 
Hamilton Harbour - nice break from painting, caulking and all the myriad 
chores of getting our house ready for market.

   Directions - from Oakville take #403 westboud and exit at York 
Street(1st. exit after Hwy #6 northbound) and park as soon as you cross the 
bridge - there are 'no parking' signs here - walk back a short distance - < 
30M -  and you can see the island a little to the right, over the shrubbery.

     Cheers   Maris

Maris Apse - OFO SALES
511 Chamberlain Lane
Oakville ON L6J 6A2

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