[Ontbirds]Re: American White Pelican in Hamilton

A & K Williams williamsmusic at execulink.com
Thu Aug 19 16:59:18 EDT 2004

I had the White Pelican in Cootes Paradise from the York Rd. high level
bridge area at 1:15 today. Most of the reports of being able to see it from
York or Princess Point seem to be in the early afternoon. I had it on what
is really called Hickory Island, where most of the trees have been denuded
by Corrmorants (and there are still great numbers of these Cormorants
hanging about there). The Rat Island area is further into the marsh and
better viewed from either Princess Point or from Princess Point you can
follow the South Shore Trails a considerable distance west and find better
vantage points if the Pelican is not on Hickory Island. A scope is a great

Directions: from the 403 from Toronto, exit at York Boulevard (first
Hamilton exit) and follow this until you find either the first or second
"parking" areas. Look to the west of the parking areas.

For Princess Point, follow York, right on Dundurn just at the lights), right
on King. Go over the 403 overpass and turn right on Macklin. You should go
straight, about 1 km., into the parking area at the park and go  up the hill
by foot across the field to the north to find vantage points for viewing.
You will know you missed Princes Point park if you start driving around and
back up a hill to the left.

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