[Ontbirds]Fw: We need to protect the Beavers on Kinsale Road!!!

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Fri Aug 20 13:19:41 EDT 2004

Birding, environment, --- . I do feel that this is a letter of concern that I have forwarded to OntBirds members. If any of you has a suggestion please telephone the sender of the letter--I do not know his email address.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby,ON

Subject: We need to protect the Beavers on Kinsale Road!!!

Im writing to you because I want to see if you can help me or have any ideas about how to help conserve and protect the swamp habitat at the end of my road.  The situation goes like this.....  The area that I want protected is on a dirt road about 2 kms north of lakeridge road and highway 7.  This area has always been a little swampy in the spring but around mid summer it usually dries up and all that are left is lots of bull rushes..... around some time last summer a family of beavers moved in and as you can imagine they have turned it into an amazing nature habitat.  They have build small dams on either side of the road so at good times the water level is about 2-3 feet deep in some places.  Before the beavers there were barely any wildlife.  Since the beavers have moved in it has become a home for so many different species.  Just to name a few there are about 30 families of ducks raising yonge, canada geese, king fishers , blue herrons, muskrats, frogs, and many different kinds of water foul that i dont even recognize....

Now to get to the point the local road works of pickering continue to come by with huge machines and tear apart the beaver dam, thus digging the ditch very deep and watching the beavers dam get flooded away..... each time they do this it takes the beaver the best part of 24 to stop the water flow again and the water level drops significantly.  at the same time this is upsetting all the life in the swamp..... in the spring when there was lots of rain it was not so devistating the to the wildlife and the beaver as the level would come back in the next couple of weeks.... but now with little rain the beavers and the rest of the swamp only have about 4-6 inches of water to live in.....

Reasons to leave the Beaver and his swamp alone:

* the owner of the land really wants the beaver to be there but the town is digging up the ditch since the owners property stops about 15 feet from the road.

* all the residents on the road encourage the beaver there and often stop to walk or take pictures of the new habitat....

* each time the road works destroy the dam they are distrubing so much wildlife!!!!

* when the water level gets hight the owner and myself go down to the dam and put a small hole in it so it can drain a sufficient amount..... however the town destroys the dam regardless of the water level....


Can you please help us protect the Beaver??

Thank you,

Adam Douglas
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