[Ontbirds]Ottawa West - White-winged Scoter, etc.

Tony Beck beck.tony at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 22 13:48:42 EDT 2004

Hello Ontbirders

...another good morning at Shirley's Bay.

Most significant was an early, female plumaged, White-winged Scoter.

Shorebirds are still putting in a good performance with similar numbers and
diversity to last Friday (minus the Stilt Sand).
The highlight was a juvenile Red Knot and, at least, 17 Baird's Sandpipers,
all juvenile plumage.

A juvenile Peregrine made a spirited flyby, causing much terror toward the
prey species. This allowed us to easily count the concentrated flock of
peeps frozen on the mudflats.

The Great Egret was still present.

At the base of the dyke, several songbirds were moving through. Most notable
was a male Golden-winged Warbler.

Cheerio & Good Birding
Tony Beck

Directions courtesy of Neily World:

Shirley's Bay:
>From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 134 (Moodie Drive). If travelling
west, the 0.4 km offramp dumps you right or north onto Moodie. If driving
east, a 0.3 km offramp brings you to Moodie Drive, where you will turn left
or north onto it and in 0.5 km join the westbound offramp traffic. Both
groups will now follow Moodie Drive north 1.3 km from here to Carling
Avenue. Turn left or northwest on Carling and go 2.2 km to Rifle (Range)
Road. Turn right or north onto Rifle Road and travel 2.0 km to the boat
launch parking lot. Park here to visit this site on foot.
Warning: Permission to access the dyke must be obtained by contacting the
DND's Connaught Firing Range Control Office at (613) 991-5740 or the Range
Warden at 991-5741. On weekends contact the Duty Officer at 724-8716. If the
dyke is the primary goal of your day's birding, it would be wise to call
ahead as there are no phones at the boat launch. Shooting is often in
progress and some of the bullets could stray toward the dyke. Remember they
are there because they need the practice. As far as I know no birders have
been winged yet and the DND has enough trouble with PR that they will do
everything they can to avoid it. Please don't enter the area without
permission, and please abide by Range Control's instructions. They will tell
you whether or not walking the dyke is allowed. If they say no, DO NOT
ENTER!, you may be shot (you just never know how good the guy practising
might be), or you may be corralled by the military police (MP's).
Disregarding the DND's safety measures could also jeopardise all birder's
access. However, that being said, it's usually okay to bird from the gate at
the base of the dyke.

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