[Ontbirds]Ottawa - Baird's Sandpiper "invasion"

Christina Lewis hagenius at primus.ca
Sun Aug 22 19:29:18 EDT 2004

Hello Ontbirds people,

Today (Aug. 22) from 9:00 - 12:30, we observed an unprecented number of
Baird's Sandpipers at both Shirleys Bay and the large pond on the east side
of Moodie Dr. south of the Trail Rd. Landfill. At Shirleys Bay we counted 22
Baird's Sandpipers (all juveniles), and at least 27 at the Moodie Dr. pond.
Additionally, 4 Baird's were found later in the afternoon at the small ponds
in the vicinity of March Valley and Klondike Rds.  This species is a
low-density passage migrant in the fall in eastern Ontario. Other recent
postings to ONTBIRDS indicate that a precipitation of this species has
occurred in the last day or two elsewhere in the province as well. It will
be interesting to hear about other reports of numbers of this species in the
days to come.

The number and diversity of shorebirds at Shirleys Bay continues to change
daily since Aug. 18.  Numbers noted today are as follows:

Black-bellied Plover - 1 (adult)
Semipalmated Plover - 10-12
Killdeer - ~10
Greater Yellowlegs - 5 (mostly adults)
Lesser Yellowlegs - 30 (approx. equal #'s adults & juveniles)
Solitary Sandpiper - 1
Spotted Sandpiper - 1
Red Knot - 1 adult basic
Semipalmated Sandpiper - 10 -20 (mostly juveniles)
Least Sandpiper - 60 -70 (mostly juveniles)
Baird's Sandpiper - 22 (all juveniles)...and MORE at above-mentioned
Pectoral Sandpiper - 8 (mixed bag of adults & juveniles)
Wilson's Snipe - 10


You must obtain permission from the DND Range Control Office to access the
causeway.  Call (613) 991-5740.
Take Hwy 417 west to exit 134 (Moodie Dr.). Go north on Moodie to Carling
Ave.  Turn left (west) on Carling, and look for the large sign on your right
at Rifle Rd. indicating the DND Connaught Firing Range. Proceed north on
Rifle Rd. until the parking lot.  Walk west along Shirley Blvd. beyond the
large gate, and look for the entrance to the trail into the woods which is
marked by two 'do not enter' signs...(if you have obtained permission, you
may of course enter!).  Walk the path through the woods (which can also be
good for songbirds), and you will arrive at the excellent mud-flats at the
base of the causeway.

>From Hwy 417 take Hwy 416 south to exit 66 (Fallowfield Rd). Turn right
(west) on Fallowfield and then south on Moodie Dr.  Proceed south on Moodie
past Trail Rd. and look for a large pond on your left.
Please do not cross the fence, as this is private property. The pond may be
viewed from the road.

Good "Bairding" !
Chris Lewis & Bob Bracken
hagenius at primus.ca

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