[Ontbirds]OFO Outing-Palgrave,Tottenham,Schomberg

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Sun Aug 22 19:58:31 EDT 2004

   Today's  OFO  Outing  began  with  about  50  birders  in the Palgrave
   Conservation  Area.  Highlights  included  an  immature  Goshawk, Wild
   Turkey  with 5 young, adult Broad-winged Hawk, Pileated Woodpecker, 10
   warbler species, Purple Finch.
   On  the  Tottenham sod fields an adult Golden Plover, juv. Baird's and
   Pectoral  sandpipers,  and  about  15 adult Black-bellied Plovers were
   seen with many Killdeer and Horned Larks.
   At  the  Schomberg  Lagoons  were 2 juv. Baird's, one Least sandpiper,
   Lesser Yellowlegs, Spotted Sandpipers, plus an immature Merlin.
   Altogether,  77  species  were  seen,  as well as several dragonflies,
   butterflies and spiders.
   Directions:  Palgrave  Conserv.  Area  is in Palgrave off #50, west on
   Patterson  Sideroad,  then  n.  on  Duffy's  Lane to the parking area.
   Tottenham  sod  farms  are n. of Tottenham, east of #10 along the 9th,
   10th  & 11th lines. Schomberg Lagoons are at the foot of Proctor, east
   of #27, one street s. of #9.
   Dave Milsom
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