[Ontbirds]re Chukar Paris

floyd deiter floyd.deiter at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 22 20:41:16 EDT 2004

Correction: The bird was seen today Sun by a local resident@ 6.30 a.m. 
on small roof at back of lot (from Burwell).The bird has been present 
for more than two weeks,locals are throwing feed into parking lot. It is 
seen more more often in early a.m.,it leaves  most days,but seems to 
return at night to roost .

Directions :Coming  from highway #2 [  if from east ,turn right at 
Burwell (stop light)or from west turn left at Burwell ]. proceed down 
Burwell to Anglican church,Wheeler Works parking lot will be evident 
.The bird was first seen on opposite side of building (Church 
street).Hope this is clear .

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