[Ontbirds]Pacific Loon, Fifty Point C.A. near Grimsby.

Brendan josullivan3560 at rogers.com
Mon Nov 1 14:15:49 EST 2004

         The Pacific Loon, reported on Lake Ontario off Fifty Point Conservation Area yesteray, was still present this morning as of 11.30.
         The bird was in the same general area as yesterday: about 200 metres offshore best viewed from the large rock jetty on the eastern (right) side of the boat canal  leading from the marina into the lake.
         Also, while I was there,  I saw a small flock of seven Snow Buntings and I flushed an immature Northern Goshawk when I ventured into the wooded area beside the large parking lot..

Directions to Fifty Point C.A.:
     From the  Q.E.W. take Fifty Road north, towards the lake; this road takes an immediate right after going over the highway and then go  left. This road takes you to the gate which is on your left. I didn't find the signage very good.
  There is a $5 admission fee --a small price to pay for such a good bird!!

Brendan O'Sullivan

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