[Ontbirds]Probable Alcid at Fifty Point

Terry Osborne terryos at sentex.net
Fri Nov 5 07:39:35 EST 2004

In conversation with a Toronto birder last night who tried in vain yesterday (November 4th) to find the Pacific Loon at Fifty Point CA,  I did learn that both he and another unidentified birder did get reasonably good looks at what they believed to be a Long-billed  Murrelet that flew in and  remained for at least a long enough period of time to peruse thru a field guide and eliminate other such alcid species. While I had the impression that identification to alcid was not in question, the species was and that Long-billed Murrelet was their conclusion although other possibilities exist.

I was expecting to see a posting of this siting last night on Ontbirds but none appeared so I'm making this posting of the second-hand report so that others going there today to locate the Pacific Loon might be alerted of such a possible find.
Hopefully a more thorough report will find it's way to this board some time today from those who actually where there to see this bird. 

I'm not in the habit of posting second-hand reports but felt this one sufficiently important  to so do. My apologies in advance should this report end up being in error and to the observers who were actually there to see and find this bird.

Directions to Fifty Point as follows.

Directions to Fifty  Point C.A.:
          From the Q.E.W. take the Fifty Road exit and go north towards the 
lake. Go right onto North Service Road just after gong over the highway and 
then take the first left  which comes up rather sudenly after the road 
sweeps to the left. The Conservation Area entrance is on the left. There is 
a $5 admission fee.

Terry Osborne

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