[Ontbirds].Red-eyed Vireo at Point Pelee

Alan Wormington wormington at juno.com
Wed Dec 1 17:20:48 EST 2004

Last Friday (November 26) I found a Red-eyed Vireo at the Sparrow Field
within Point Pelee.  Despite the gale-force winds today (December 1), I
was very surprised to relocate this bird -- this time it was along the
main paved road west of the Sparrow Field and slightly north.  Don Perks
came along just in time to see it as well.

On Friday I saw the bird eat a dogwood berry.  Today it ate a grape and
was also looking at some other fruit which I think was catbrier /
greenbrier.  However, most of the time it was obviously hunting for
insect life.  In typical fashion it would sit still on a branch and
carefully scan / examine all adjacent leaves and stems for potential
food.  After 30-45 seconds or so it would then fly and land a few feet
away and repeat the procedure.  Its seems remarkable that a neotropical
migrant such as this is able to find enough food at this late date.

I am aware of only one other December record of Red-eyed Vireo for
Ontario -- and the entire Great Lakes Region? -- that being one at
Toronto on December 13-17, 1998 (which I did not see).

Alan Wormington,

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