[Ontbirds]3 Owl Species, Merlin. Amherst Island

Iain Fleming iaindmfleming at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 5 14:44:22 EST 2004

The Owl woods yielded 3 long-eareds this morning but unfortunately no 
saw-whets.  The two juvenile Snowies were out and despite the clear blue 
skies, a short-eared was flushed from the path along the southern edge of 
the KFN trail.  Red-tails (3), Roughies (3), and a male Harrier were 
observed as well as a Merlin plucking feathers from a kill on a roadside 
fence post allowing excellent views.  35 Tundra Swans and around 1000 scaup, 
both lesser and greater, were floating off the north-eastern tip of the 
Gravel bar.

Iain Fleming

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