[Ontbirds]Harlequin Duck at Fruitland Road, Stoney Creek.

Karl Egressy kegressy at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 10 13:17:33 EST 2004

Hi, Birders,

We birded along the shore of Lake Ontario.
At Fruitland Road Stony Creek we saw a female/juvenile 
Harlequin Duck, right along the stone wall, very close range.
It was around 11:30 AM this morning.
It was diving continuously and slowly swimming towards
the direction of Burlington. Eventually it disappeared in the distance.
We came back at 2:30 PM but could not re-locate it.
Direction to Fruitland Road is as previously posted.
Karl & Marienna Egressy

PS: Sorry for the late posting, I had some 
       problem with my address book.

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