[Ontbirds]GTA birds Dic 11 2004

Craig McLauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 12 08:46:23 EST 2004

Excuse my spelling and Grammar, I am Dyslexic
thank you.
I tried to post this yesterday but it seemed that their was some holiday
email gremlins playing computer games !
Yesterday Dec 11 2004 Carole Horner and I spent birding in the Toronto
and Durham area  we dint drive 100 K but saw some great birds .
Starting with the Golden Crown sparrow at Cranberry march thanks to Doge
for his keen eyes and his help with finding the bird , will we wear
their we herd of a Snow Owl report Courtice rd and the 401 and we
desired that this was to be our next stop .
It tuck too pass to find the Owl ( only do to my miss ID of a large
pigeon ) but we wear forts to stop do to my cell phone ringing  and the
Snow Owl was perched low on a fence post 50 yards from my car , the owl
then flue down to the train tracks and was still there when we left . 
The reason my cell phone went off was yes to alert me to the refinding
of the Black throated Gray warbler in High Park , thank you Gerry Guild
( you get my vote for Birder of the year ) before we left to drive like
a Christmas shopper back to Toronto we did phone every one we could and
look for others.
 When we arrived  in High Park  their was still a big grope looking for
the Warbler But first Carole got some great looks at the Wight Eyed Vero
vary low and actively feeding .
 When Ron Pittway yells did you hear that you must stop birthing and
listen because  their it was the BTGW flying around above our heads WOW
my 5 life winter bird in 11 days !! 
What a blast as I have seed before "nothing beets birding in Ontario"
Cranberry march is found south of Victoria st off of Halls rd . in
Whitby .
Coutice rd  is found east of Oshawa and is the turn off to Darlington
And High Park is found hear in Toronto tack Colborne Loge dr north from
the Queensway and park by the Colborne loge walk up the rood both the
WEVO and the BTGW wear seen by the stars that lead down to the pond .

 Craig & Bev McLauchlan  , Toronto, Ont, Canada, World 

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