Ian Cannell cannell at rogers.com
Tue Dec 28 19:47:34 EST 2004

Following the great start to the day at Halls Road (posted earlier for me by
my son, Andrew), Jay Peterson and I travelled on to the Orillia area to try
for the Great Grays reported by Bob Bowles.
We were successful! We saw a minimum of eight plus two more at the end of
the day that were within 1000 metres of two that we'd seen in the morning.
So, together with the one we'd seen at Halls Road we saw 9 to 11 Great Grays
on the day.
I got what I wanted for Xmas.
All but one of these owls were on either the 7th or 8th Concession of
The other one was on Woodland Avenue.
Thanks, Bob, for the info. and directions (repeated below).
Two of the owls were seen at about noon, the rest at about 4pm.

Take hwy 12 east from Orillia to Mulhy Point Road and turn right then follow
this road to the end at conc. 8 then turn left.

Woodland Avenue is just south of Orillia.

Also seen in the general vicinity were:
Two flocks of Snow Buntings; about 200 in one and 25 in the other.
Two roosts of Turkeys; 15 in one and four in the other. The latter were
perched about 50 metres up in the top of some trees, more like Turkey
Vultures than Wild Turkeys.
Several N. Shrikes.
Another Dark Phase Rough-legged Hawk (i.e. in addition to the one we'd seen
on Halls Road).

Ian Cannell
Concord, Ontario.

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