[Ontbirds]Varied Thrush--Nethercott residence--Rodney

William Prieksaitis wilmar at gtn.net
Thu Dec 30 07:45:51 EST 2004

The Varied thrush has proven to be a more elusive bird than the
Pyrrrhuloxia. It is a adult Male and does not frequent the feeder very often
if at all. The morning hours have been the best times to see it.
It frequents the tops of large deciduous trees, mainly sugar maples which
are found to the west and north of the Nethercott residence. The light
conditions have been very poor so that in most cases a very careflu scurtiny
of the  tree tops should be done.  It is not alone and may be in the company
of House sparrow,, House finchs, Mourning doves or Blue jays. It may hear
singing also. Once it has been located there is sufficient time to get a
good look.  The trick is to locate the bird!!. Bring refreshments since one
to one and a half hours can be spent at the site to find this bird.  Today,
Thurday, Dec. 30, the bird was spotted this morning at 9:45 and again at
10:15.  It was seen again at 3:15 in the afternoon. In all cases it was
found at the highest point in the Maple trees. the Nethercotts have changed
their feeder material to include suet, raisins and apples with the hope that
it will come to the feeder on a more consistent basis. Only time will tell
is this is successful. Scan the trees frequently and carefully, it will show
up when you least expect it. Good birding.

Rodney is west of West Lorne and the Thrush is located on 198 Harper St.
>From Hwy #401 go south to the village of Rodney and locate the Royal Bank
Buillding on the main street. Harper St. is adjacent to the bank. Go west to
198 Harper. Parking is very accessible and easy.

Bill, George & Marjorlie Prieksaitis
West Ellllgin Nature Club
Rodney Ont.
(519) 785-0176

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