[Ontbirds]great gray owls - thickson's woods

kathryn.mills at sympatico.ca kathryn.mills at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 2 19:31:19 EST 2005

My sister and I braved the pouring rain today at Thickson's Woods and 
were rewarded with four great gray owls and no pesky photographers 
(except me, of course, and I stayed a respectable distance away and have 
the lousy photos to prove it). One owl was sitting on a bird house in 
the meadow periodically shaking the water off its feathers and grooming 
itself. Went to investigate what two other observers were looking at on 
the west side of Thickson Road near the parking area/turnaround and got 
three more. Watched one of them swoop down from a short evergreen tree 
and then fly away with a small rodent. Also heard one of the great 
horned owls calling in the woods.

Thickson's Woods is in Whitby, Ont. Take the 401 to Thickson Road and 
then drive south to the Waterfront Trail. The woods and meadow are on 
the east side of the road.
Kathryn Mills
kathryn.mills at sympatico.ca

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