[Ontbirds]Great Gray Owls

Mark Peck markp at rom.on.ca
Wed Jan 12 17:32:32 EST 2005

With permission from the Ontbirds coordinator - 

As everyone is aware there has been a large influx of Great Gray Owls
into southern Ontario this winter.  I was wondering if I could bother
everyone for a large favour.  If anyone finds great gray casualties we
would be very interested in obtaining them for the Royal Ontario

The last invasion in 1995/1996 ended up with many of the owls becoming
roadside casualties.  We would like to try to take advantage of this
years owl movement/mortalities and get as many as we can into the ROM
for a number of reasons:

-research on ageing and sexing of great grays
-obtaining feather samples for future isotope work - allowing us to
determine where the birds were geographically when their feathers were
-obtaining tissue samples for future molecular work
-specimens for collections and for educational programming both at the
ROM and through other institutions
-mounts for galleries at the ROM or in other institutions

I hate the thought of these birds being wasted.  I have received one
owl so far but it was badly damaged and we were unable to use it for 
the collections.  Please contact me privately or contact the Ministry of
Natural Resources in your area to see if they would be willing to accept
the bird.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance with this matter.


Mark Peck
Ornithology/Department of Natural History
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON  Canada   M5S 2C6

416 586 5523
fax 416 586 5553

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