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The February issue of OFO News will be mailed soon. Please note that only 
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Contents of this 16 page issue.

Meeting the Challenge - Ontario's Monumental Atlas Project: Mike Cadman 
invites everybody to get involved in this final year of the Breeding Bird 
Atlas to make it the best information on the distribution, abundance and 
status of Ontario's birds. The Atlas will be the basis for breeding bird 
conservation and research for decades to come.

Last of the Curlews: Glenn Coady congratulates Fred Bodsworth on his award 
winning book "Last of the Curlews". February marks the 50th anniversary of 
Fred's "classic novel detailing a fictional year in the life of the last 
pair of Eskimo Curlews."

Cackling Goose, NOT new to Ontario: Ken Abraham, a research scientist 
specializing in geese with the Ministry of Natural Resources, tells what is 
known and not known about Cackling Geese in Ontario. Three photos of 
Cackling Geese and two range maps.

OBRC Notes: Ron Tozer, chair, encourages birders to document rare birds and 
gives examples of how we can contribute to the knowledge of Ontario's rare 

What's the Point of Point Counts?: Erica Dunn, Canadian Wildlife Service, 
explains the importance of point counts to the success of the Breeding Bird 
Atlas. Photos by John Black and Harold Stiver.

Landbird Conservation Plans Use Ontario Atlas Data: Peter Blancher, Bird 
Studies Canada, shows how Atlas data is already being used in developing 
conservation plans for landbirds. A list of 16 landbirds undergoing severe 
declines in southern Ontario is included. Photos of Northern Bobwhite by 
George Peck, Yellow-breasted Chat by Eric Holden, and Gray Partridge by 
Harold Stiver.

Early Birds: Ornithologist Ross James recommends getting out early to 
record breeding species for the Atlas. Photo of a pair of Gray Jays by Dan 

Hannah's Story: Janice Haines tells the story of Hannah, a female Rufous 
Hummingbird, seen last fall by over 500 birders in Niagara Falls. Photo of 
Hannah by Janice.

Shivering in the Cold: Ross James explains that shivering in birds is an 
adaption to keeping warm in the cold. Drawing of an American Goldfinch by Ross.

Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America 2003: Geoff Carpentier 
reviews this book by the National Geographic Socitey, which is a companion 
to the Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

Carden Alvar - Update on the Cameron and Windmill Ranches: Don Barnett, OFO 
representative on the Carden Alvar Advisory Committee, describes the land 
acquisitions and stewardship activities in progress by the Nature 
Conservancy of Canada and its partners that will protect the alvar and this 
world class birding area.

Future OFO Field Trips: Dave Milsom, coordinator, lists the upcoming guided 
field trips to the end of June.

We thank the authors, photographers and artists who contributed to this 
issue. Your OFO membership supports Ontbirds.

Jean Iron and Ron Pittaway
OFO News Editors
Ontario Field Ornithologists

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