[Ontbirds]Great Horned Owl on nest

Mike Cadman mcadman at uoguelph.ca
Mon Feb 14 13:54:16 EST 2005

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Hello all:

Got the following note from Lyle Friesen this morning: 

Hello Mike;

Had a GHOW in a nest yesterday in the square immediately west of mine in
Waterloo. Nine crows flew over and bombed the owl in the nest, then flew on.


Has anyone else had an owl on a nest yet this year? If you don't already have Great Horned Owl confirmed in your square,
you should definitely consider cruising the backroads and looking for birds on nests! 

You can view a map of Great Horned Owl data gathered to date at: http://www.birdsontario.org/atlas/map.jsp
If you can help fill in any of the remaining gaps, in this final year of the atlas, that would be much appreciated.

It may just be coincidence, but we've been finding that lately Great Horned Owls have been active around dusk, but quiet after that in the Wellington county region.
If anyone has any additonal tips on finding Great Horned Owls, please pass them along.


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