[Ontbirds] Whitby Harbour & Hall's/Lakeridge Roads - Owls and Gulls - Feb 17th

Geoff - Birds avocet at rogers.com
Thu Feb 17 10:28:46 EST 2005

Today I saw four Great Grays on Hall's and Lakeridge Road - all were actively hunting. I also saw and heard about 25 Red-winged Balckbirds on Lakeridge. Last night I watched two bids being photographed. I asked the photographers to move back as they were seriously crowding the birds and at least one of the birds was clearly distressed. One of them told me that it was okay - he had been photographing the birds for FOUR HOURS and he assured me that they didn't mind his being there. He refused to leave.

At Whitby harbour, this morning, I scanned the several hundred gulls and was able to find:
Lesser Black-backed Gull - 1 adult
Iceland Gull - 1 adult nominate race 
Glaucous Gull - 3 adults, 1 second winter and two first winter
Thayer's Gull - 2 adults

Hall's Road: exit 401 at Salem Rd and go south to Bayly/Victoria and then east to Lakeridge and Hall's Roads. Travel south towards to the lake on either road to see the owls. 
Whitby Harbour: Continue east from Hall's Road on Bayly/Victoria to Brock Street and then south to the harbour. Birds are usually in the SW corner. A scope is often necessary.

Geoff Carpentier
Ajax, Ontario
avocet at rogers.com

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