[Ontbirds]Iceland & other Gulls St. Clair River

Blake A. Mann boatmann at kent.net
Sat Feb 19 18:17:18 EST 2005

Greetings everyone,
Late today I made a run to the St. Clair River.  There were several hundred 
gulls from Sombra to Lambton Generating Station.  Most were off Terra 
Industries, a few kilometres north of Sombra.
25  (approx.) Glaucous Gulls (mostly adults).  (a good vantage point is 
Cathcart Park--well marked)
1 Iceland (adult) off Cathcart Park
1 Lesser Black-backed (adult) off Cathcart Park.
Ducks were few and spread out.

After sunrise or late afternoon are the best times to observe concentrations 
of gulls.  The situation varies from day to day (some days hardly 
As a note of interest, last Friday off the Sarnia waterfront late in the day 
were about 30 Glaucous Gulls among about 1000 gulls.  I observed these while 
standing in one spot just south of Centennial Park.  It was rather 
impressive, if not some sort of record for Glaucous Gulls at one spot!

Directions to Sombra and St. Clair River:  Find Hwy 40 that runs N/S between
Wallaceburg and Sarnia.  Turn west on Lambton Rd. 2 (Bentpath Line) and take
to Sombra on the St. Clair River.  Fawn Island is just to the south of the
village.  The St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) follows the river along its length. 
Cathcart Park is north of Sombra, almost across from the Detroit Edison 

Blake A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ontario

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