[Ontbirds]Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch, Yes.

Bernard bjbeneteau at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 1 00:49:08 EST 2005

On Sunday, February 27th, I took the trek north to Chelmsford to see the
rosy finch. On a very cold -29 degree Celsius morning the finch was, very
active, coming repeatedly to the feeders. In its company were a dozen pine
grosbeaks and at least two dozen common redpolls. All these birds were
present from daybreak (7:00 a.m.) until they all scattered at about 8:30
a.m. . . . The reason being, a northern shrike perched itself on one of the
feeders. It remained in the yard for about fifteen minutes before leaving. I
stayed there another hour but the birds were spooked and kept their distance
from the feeders. Speaking to John Somerset (the very accommodating home
owner) the finch seems more active on cold days and especially very early in
the morning. Such was the case on Sunday. Returning home I took a side trip
to Killarney Provincial Park. The only bird of note was a Great-Grey Owl on
hwy# 638, 20 km's off of hwy#69.


Bernard Beneteau

McGregor, O N

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