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Wed Mar 2 23:23:50 EST 2005

Today I led a trip for the Bruce Birding Club and toured around Southampton, Port Elgin, Inverhuron and Paisley. The Barred Owl was seen in MacGregor Park by the grroup. The owl seems to hanging around the Visitor Centre at the Park. Today it was seen near the boardwalk that leads from the parking lot at the Visitor Centre towards Turtle Pond. We also saw a Snowy Owl and Northern Shrike on the 12th Conc. east of Hwy #21. Also 7 adult Bald Eagles were seen on our travels. One was seen at the mouth of the Saugeen River in Southampton. Two more were seen on Chantry Island on the nest that they occupied last year. One more was spotted at Baie Du Dore and the last three were spotted on Bruce County Rd. #11 just west of Paisley along the Saugeen River.
Other birds included Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls, Wild Turkey, Snow Buntings and our usual winter birds.

Directions to MacGregor Park are from south of Port Elgin take Saugeen Conc #4 west to Lake Range Rd., turn left and travel south till you get to entrance to the Park and turn right and follow the signs to the gate house and then to the Visitor Centre.
Directions to Baie du Dore are to follow Bruce Conc. #8 west from Hwy. #21, one Conc north of Underwood. Travel all the way down to the Lake and turn left at last road before the lake and go as far as the road is plowed. Park and walk the the rest of the way to the boat launch. There is a viewing tower just south of the boat launch area.
Bruce County Rd. #11 runs east of Hwy #21 from North Bruce to Paisley.

If you wish more information please contact me at 
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Mike Pickup
Chair, Huron Fringe Birding Festival
HFBF runs from the 27th May to 5th June 2005
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