[Ontbirds]Wild turkeys on Navy Island Seen From Grand Island NY

Jerry Lazarczyk lazarcg1 at netzero.com
Fri Mar 4 12:17:09 EST 2005

About 10AM 3/4/05 five turkeys were seen from the Navy Island overlook on Grand Island NY.  The turkeys appeared to be adults and seemed to be sunning near the water, getting additional warmth from the sun's rays reflecting off the icy water and ice.  This is the first season that I know of turkeys ever being reported on Navy Island.  Navy Island is a Canada National Historic Site and perhaps a wildlife refuge.  Bald Eagles have a nest on Navy Island visible from Buckhorn Island State Park, also on Grand Island NY, and Bald Eagles have been seen often from the Navy Island overlook.

Jerry Lazarczyk
Grand Island NY

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