[Ontbirds]Fw: Great Grey Owl Etobicoke

The Empey's jksempey at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 5 07:43:49 EST 2005

Hello all;

I have not been on ontbirds this winter, so have not been following the Owl invasion.  But I signed back on to make this posting.

Because we had a great siting yesterday.

This afternoon, about 4:00 my wife and father saw a great grey owl fly into a spruce in our neighbours yard.  It briefly landed, then flew up our street, right over their car.

They are positive of the siting, as they have both seen a variety of owls.  They clearly saw the round , stripped face and dark edges to the very long wings.

It flew off to the west

The sitting was at:
45 Hartfield Court

Hartfield Court is west of Royal York Road ,not far west of the Humber river, just north of Dundas.
Our part of the city is decently treed, with ravines and valleys.  Our street, has had an owl before and a variety of hawk species.

Have people seen these owls in the city before?

Kevin Empey
jksempey at sympatico.ca

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