[Ontbirds]Cackling Goose, NOT new to Ontario

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 5 10:51:38 EST 2005


An article titled "Cackling Goose, NOT new to Ontario" by Ken Abraham is on 
the website of the Ontario Field Ornithologists. Ken is a research 
scientist specializing in geese with the Ontario Ministry of Natural 
Resources. The article is the best information about Cackling Geese (Branta 
hutchinsii) in the province. It discusses the status and distribution 
including two range maps showing band recoveries locations, identification, 
and outlines the problem of Branta canadensis parvipes. There are three 
photos of Cackling Geese including two from the breeding grounds on 
Southampton Island and Baffin Island in Nunavut. The article was first 
published in the February 2005 issue of OFO News 23(1):2-6. To view the 
article http://www.ofo.ca/cackling/

Jean Iron and Ron Pittaway
OFO News Editors
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Toronto and Minden, ON

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