[Ontbirds]GUlls, etc. on the Leslie St. Spit

Sat Mar 5 18:34:03 EST 2005

Good evening Ontario birders.

 Today was another day of million miles of walking and a good day it turned 
out to be again.
 The Ring-billed Gulls are streaming back with approx. 20,000 birds on the 
ice off of the breeding grounds and on the Lake. Last weekend there were 
just a few hundred of them.
 They seemed to have brought a few friends with them as the Herring Gull 
numbers have jumped to the hundreds along with 19 Glaucous, 6 Iceland, 2 
Thayer's and 3 Adult Lesser black-backed Gulls. I am sure there are more of 
the above out there but I did not have a scope with me. Most were at the ice 
edges off the end of the road in the Lighthouse and Peninsula A areas. I had 
11 immature Glaucous Gulls in view at one time. The Great black-backed Gull 
numbers were not impressive for the spit.
 Also seen were Common Redpoll, Snow Bunting, 112 White-winged Scoters, 1 
adult and 1 juvenile N. Goshawk at a Rabbit kill at the end of the road. 
(Some birders reported these as Peregrine Falcons).
 And not to forget a few Owls, 2 Great Gray, 1 Great Horned, 1 N. Saw-Whet & 
1 Boreal and again a bunch of the expected waterfowl including both Scaup 
and for the second weekend in a row I was told about a Northern Shrike on 
the base of the spit.

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill,ON



To get to "The Spit" from Queen & Yonge Sts. Take the Queen Street Car #501
east to Leslie St. and walk south (about 2 km) or as far as you can go on
Leslie St. at Unwin Ave. and you will see the gate and signage. You may also
catch the Jones Bus #83 at the Donlands Subway Station or transfer to it at
Queen St. and Jones Ave. and take it to Leslie St. And Commissioner St. (on
Saturday only). By automobile you may drive to Lakeshore Blvd and Leslie St.
then south to The Spit.
 The parking lot inside the gate is not open so you will have to park either 
on Leslie St.
or Unwin Ave. just outside the gate. These are legal parking areas BUT be 
sure to lock
your vehicle and leave nothing of value in view.

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