[Ontbirds]Eurasian Wigeon - Hullett Wildlife Area - Huron County

Tracey&Dave Brown thebrowns at ezlink.on.ca
Sun Apr 17 21:09:00 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm posting this on behalf of my parents...Ev & Doug Brown.....apologies for the late post...but I didn't get the message till late this afternoon. 

They were birding with friends in the Hullett Wildlife Area today and found a single male Eurasian Wigeon amongst a raft of American Wigeon on a large pond on the north edge of the wildlife area.

They and other birders from Stratford also observed / heard a Virginia Rail.

Also seen in Hullett today by myself and my son Mike were 1 singing Brown Thrasher (1st this year) and a great look at a Lincoln's Sparrow (1st this year).

Dave J Brown

You can get to Hullett Wildlife Area by travelling westbound on Hwy 8 out of Stratford heading towards Goderich.  Just after you pass through the small town of Seaforth watch for the Kinburn Line and take it north (i.e. turn RIGHT). Travel north on Kinburn Line (you'll notice that the majority of land to your left is actually part of the wildlife area) till you reach the village of Kinburn (basically a few houses located at a northeast corner of the wildlife area.

Turn LEFT on the gravel road (sorry can't remember the line#) and travel west for roughly 2-3km.  The whole time watch on your LEFT for a large area of water....this will be Mallard Pond.  Note that just past this pond is a turn-in (LEFT) to a large tower lookout....and another 1 km west again is a second large pond (LEFT) and then another turn-in (just over the hill on the LEFT) to a second lookout that's excellent for checking out ducks on this pond.

Hullett Wildlife Area has a great mix of habitat with lots of access points on all 4 sides.

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