[Ontbirds] Alfred Lagoons: Ruddy Ducks and Redheads- YES NEW ANNUAL PERMIT!!

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at magma.ca
Tue Apr 26 21:52:57 EDT 2005

This morning there were 2 pairs of Redheads and 34 Ruddy Ducks among a dozen 
other waterfowl species. The only shorebird was a Spotted Sandpiper seen 
bobbing along the top of floating vegetation.

Present ACCESS RULES about to change: The by-law officer unlocked the gate 
for me this morning as he has done for countless other birders in the past. 
Presently every time a birder wants to access the laggons he/she must obtain 
a free permit and be accompanied by the by-law officer who unlocks the gate, 
sticks around, and then locks up once everyone has left.  This arrangement 
is only available during working hours on week days.  The laggons are out of 
bounds at other times. But all this will change soon.
NEW ACCESS PROCEDURE:  The new procedure will occur later this week or early 
next week once a birder's gate with combination lock is installed.  Once 
this occurs, birders will need to purchase a $20 annual permit to access the 
lagoons.  This new seasonal permit will allow access to the lagoons anytime 
from early spring to late fall, 7 days a week, and from dawn to dusk without 
needing to be accompanied by the by-law officer.  Groups will need a $20 
permit for the day.
The Township council of Alfred and Plantagenet have also budgeted $15,000 to 
go towards the construction of an elevated viewing platform for birders at 
the lagoon.  Construction will begin this summer.
To find out when and where you can purchase your annual permit please phone 
Richard Villeneuve, Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, at (613) 679-2292.

DIRECTIONS: From the town of Alfred go southeast on Highway 17, then turn 
south on Peat Moss Road and drive for 2 km. The lagoons are on your left 
(east side of road).

Jacques Bouvier
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