[Ontbirds]Peregrine Falcon in Ottawa

Pratt, John jopratt at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Apr 27 09:18:25 EDT 2005

Yesterday (April 26) I watched a peregrine falcon spend about 40 minutes
devouring a rock pigeon. The scene unfolded on the edge of the roof of the
Geomatics Canada Building - 615 Booth Street. I assume the falcon is one of
the birds reported seen at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Ottawa.
Although I am no expert, it appeared to be of the "tundrius" race based on
the relatively light barring on the legs and lower chest, and the relatively
small facial crescent ("moustache mark"). The falcon left the rib cage and
wings on the parapet of the roof. These remains were quickly commandeered by
some crows that had been keeping watch from a respectful distance. The
dominant crow performed a surprisingl elaborate display over the remains,
and then "mantled" the carcass with its wings, presumably to keep others at

I would be interested in private (non ONTBIRDS) responses on the race of
this bird, and also on the crow behaviour reported. Please reply to
jopratt at nrcan.gc.ca.

Booth Street runs north from Carling Avenue at Dow's Lake. The various
directions posted for the Snowy Egret will prove sufficient; however, since
this is a transient observation, it seems unlikely that the bird will be
relocated at the address given above.

John Pratt
NRCan Legal Services Unit
580 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E4
(613) 992-2488

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