[Ontbirds] Carden Alvar birds seen today: L. Shrike, A. Bittern, etc..

Ian Cannell cannell at rogers.com
Fri Apr 29 20:31:18 EDT 2005

A 5:30am start at the Sedge Marsh at Carden did not turn up a hoped-for 
Yellow Rail, but among the 50+ species seen on the day, by Jay Peterson and 
me were the following highlights:

Loggerhead Shrike. (In the usual area near Bluebird box #10).
Sparrows: Vesper, Field, Chipping Savannah,
Song, House, Swamp,  Eastern Towhee.
American Bittern (3), Virginia Rail (4),
Osprey (at least 4), Eastern Bluebird (many), Brown Thrasher (several), 
Upland Sandpiper (many), Wilson's Snipe (several), Horned Lark, Eastern 
Phoebe (2), Eastern Meadowlark (many), Common Loon (6),
Wild Turkeys (only 3),

There were 10-20 Greater Yellowlegs  in casual water.

Most of the birds were seen on Wylie Road, but the rails and one bittern 
were seen on Prospect Road.
Although the Upland Sandpipers and Wilson's Snipe were extremely vocal and 
easy to find early in the morning, they became very hard to locate by 

To reach Wylie, turn left off  Highway 48 (if coming from Toronto) onto 
Regional Road 6, in Kirkfield. Drive 5.5 kms, (passing the Kirkfield Lift 
Lock), until you reach McNamee Road. Turn right onto McNamee and then almost 
immediately, turn left onto Wylie.

Prospect Road is back on Highway 48, 4.2 kms kilometres before you reach 
Regional Road 6.

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