[Ontbirds]Northern Harrier and Snow Geese west of Ottawa

Bob Jurmain bjurmain at magma.ca
Wed May 4 16:27:24 EDT 2005

Anyone wanting to watch a Northern Harrier hunt, they can see one who has been in a field for the last 3 days at least.  Also saw 15 snow geese along the same road on Monday.  While not unusual to see Snow Geese, they are unusual for this area and so late.  As well, they were amongst about 100 Canada Geese.

Harrier at Torbolton Road and Kinburn Hwy.  Geese were on Kinburn Hwy just past the village.  Kinburn Hwy is a great birding road from one end to the other.  Go west on 417, turn right on Kinburn.

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