[Ontbirds]Glossy Ibis - New Glasgow

Melisse D. upacreekwithapaddle at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 10:32:44 EDT 2005

I am fortunate enough that my daily commute takes me right past these great birds. 
The Glossy Ibises were still present at 8:00 am today in the same location (flooded area in a field).
They are visible from the road and you do not need binoculars.  They were unconcerned with farm traffic roaring by them and calmly continued foraging.   
Directions:  Exit 401 at the Rodney exit and take Furnival Rd. south through 
Rodney to 
Talbot Rd (old Hwy 3) at New Glasgow. Continue south on Furnival 
Rd. aprox. 
1/4 mile and the wet grassy field is on the east side.

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