[Ontbirds]today's influx of new birds

Dave Martin dave.martin at odyssey.on.ca
Thu May 5 14:17:23 EDT 2005

The influx of new birds reported by Point Pelee this morning may not have 
involved a lot of individuals but it certainly appears to be widespread and 
involves a great number of species.

We've added 9 new species to our yearly yard list since this morning 
including a couple of species not mentioned in the Pelee report: Bobolink, 
Wood Thrush and Eastern Kingbird.  A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was at the 
feeder early on and one was reported to me from west of London near Komoka. 
Also, new to the yard for the year was our first American Lady, another 

This morning's loon flight was among the better days this spring with 51 birds.

Our place is in rural north central Elgin County, southeast of London and 
north of Aylmer, about 20 km inland from Lake Erie.

Dave Martin & Linda Wladarski
Harrietsville, ON
dave.martin at odyssey.on.ca

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