[Ontbirds]Presqu'ile Birding Report for Week Ending May 5, 2005.

Fred Helleiner fhelleiner at trentu.ca
Thu May 5 20:24:41 EDT 2005

The cool weather of the past week has delayed the bird migration at 
Presqu'ile Provincial Park by a week or two later than normal, as it has 
done throughout most of southern Ontario.  However, a moderation in 
temperature today has brought a number of new birds and promises to 
bring in a lot more in the next few days.  Expect flycatchers, more 
vireos, gnatcatchers, and lots of warblers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and 

Red-throated Loons and Horned Grebes can still be found in Popham Bay 
with the help of a spotting scope whenever viewing conditions permit. 
Today was one of those days, when six of the former and five of the 
latter were seen.  Two male Northern Shovelers were also there today.

Two new shorebird species arrived on May 5: a Spotted Sandpiper at the 
lighthouse and an early Sanderling on Gull Island.  There were also 
several hundred Bonaparte's Gulls off Owen Point.  It is worth scanning 
that flock for other species such as Little Gulls.

On May 1 a Barred Owl was calling in Jobes' Woods in the middle of the 

Among the new arrivals today were Blue-headed Vireos, Black-and-white 
Warblers, and a Northern Waterthrush.  A late American Tree Sparrow was 
at a feeder on May 2 and 3.  A Bobolink at the calf pasture on May 5 and 
two Rusty Blackbirds at the lighthouse on April 29 were the only ones of 
those species reported so far this spring.  A few Purple Finches are 
visiting a feeder where none has been for almost two weeks.

To reach Presqu'ile Provincial Park, follow the signs from Brighton. 
Locations within the Park are shown on a map at the back of a tabloid 
that is available at the Park gate.  Access to the offshore islands is 
restricted at this time of year to prevent disturbance to the colonial 
nesting birds there.

Questions and comments about bird sightings at Presqu'ile may be 
directed to: FHELLEINER at TRENTU.CA.

Fred Helleiner

186 Bayshore Road,
R.R. #4, 
Brighton, Ontario, Canada, K0K 1H0
VOICE: (613) 475 5309 
If visiting, access via Presqu'ile Provincial Park. 

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