[Ontbirds]Sudbury region, Bald Eagles nesting

Don Wigle don.wigle at sympatico.ca
Fri May 6 08:56:27 EDT 2005

We saw a nesting pair of Bald Eagles yesterday afternoon on Dry Pine Bay on
the French River.  They were nesting in one of the tallest white pine trees
on a small island about 0.5km south of Stoney Rapids. One access route is
Hwy 69 north from Parry Sound or south from Sudbury to the French River
Supply Post just north of the French River bridge. From the Supply Post, one
goes up river almost 1km to Dry Pine Bay and then north about 2km to the
small island which is on the east side of the bay just before Stoney Rapids
(consult the map at the Supply Post).


Don Wigle

Ottawa (on vacation on the French River)

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