[Ontbirds]Warbling Vireo, Etobicoke

mark.kubisz at sympatico.ca mark.kubisz at sympatico.ca
Fri May 6 11:41:37 EDT 2005

I had my first WARBLING VIREO of the season this morning at Resources Road Ravine. Also present in the area were 7 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS, a YELLOW WARBLER, 1 BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER, 1 WILSON'S SNIPE and a BROWN THRASHER. But, except for yellow-rumps and white-throated sparrows, overall numbers of birds continue to be low.

Resources Road Ravine can be reached from the foot of Dee Avenue, by crossing the footbridge across the river. Dee Avenue is the first street west off Weston Road immediately south off Hwy 401.

Mark Kubisz,
Etobicoke, ON

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