[Ontbirds]Warblers at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

mike pickup mpickup at bmts.com
Sat May 7 16:14:49 EDT 2005

With the warm weather and southerly winds warblers have been arriving at MacGrgeor Park in great numbers. 
On a hike this morning we had 7 warblers all firsts for the year, the most common were Yellow-rumped and palm Warblers. Also present were Black-throated Green, Nashville, Blackburnian, Black and White, and numerous Northern Waterthrush. 
Other birds of note were an Osprey flying over and 3 Broadwing Hawks. 
White Crowned sparrows have also arrived in great numbers along with White-throated Sparrow.

Directions to MacGregor Park.
Take the 4th Conc. west from hwy. #21 south of Port Elgin to the first stop sign. Turn left, south on Lake Range Road and then take the first right at the entrance to the park. travel to the gate house and then to the Visitor Centre, where all the warblers were seen today.

Mike Pickup
Chair, Huron Fringe Birding Festival
HFBF runs from the 27th May to 5th June 2005
Please check Friends website www.friendsofmacgregorpark.org
for Festival information starting in January 2005.                                                                                   

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