[Ontbirds]White-winged Dove near Leamington

Paul Pratt prairie at netcore.ca
Sat May 7 19:00:02 EDT 2005

I spent today demonstrating Kowa optics at Pelee Wings and had a couple of 
scopes set up on nearby bird feeders. After many hours of admiring 
grackles, blackbirds and sparrows I was totally surprised to casually look 
through the scope and see a White-winged Dove on the feeder tray!

It was found just before 3:00 pm visiting a bird feeder on the lawn across 
the street from Pelee Wings Nature Store. The bird was not disturbed by all 
the attention by visiting birders and was still present when I left the 
store at 5:30 pm. The dove divided its time between the feeders opposite 
the store and another feeder about four homes to the south along Pelee Drive.

Pelee Wings is located along Point Pelee Drive about 3 km north of the 
national park. For more directions visit http://www.peleewings.ca

Paul Pratt
Ojibway Nature Centre
Windsor, ON
prairie at netcore.ca

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