[Ontbirds]Prince Edward Pt.-May 18

dave milsom milsomdave at hotmail.com
Sun May 8 12:14:35 EDT 2005

   OFO  members  are  reminded of the May 18th outing with Terry Sprague.
   Meet  at  7  am  at  Ducks  Dive  Charters, 5535 County Road #13, just
   outside Prince Edward Pnt. National Wildlife Area.
          Spring migrants should be plentiful.
           Tour  restricted  to  OFO members only. If you wish to bring a
   friend, please email me. Try to car pool where possible.
   Dave Milsom
   OFO Fieldtrip Coordinator
   [1]milsomdave at hotmail.com


   1. mailto:milsomdave at hotmail.com

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