[Ontbirds]HNC Rare Bird Report - Worm-eating Warbler, Fifty Point C.A.

Bullock Family bullock at primus.ca
Sun May 8 16:47:03 EDT 2005

We found the  Worm-eating Warbler this afternoon at 13:30 hrs.  at Fifty
Point Conservation Area.  Same spot as posted by Cheryl Edgecomb. " along
the creek that runs down the middle of the  park near the large pond where
the fishing pond is".  Several pairs of birders, including us,  missed it in
the a.m.

 The bird was seen high in the willow  trees for about an hour before all
the bird activity quieted down in the 24 Celsius heat.  Associated with 2
warbling vireos, much lower down,  who were singing all morning.

Specific Directions for the Worm Eater:  There is a road  in the park that
runs east -west between the Fishing Pond and the marina.  Go to the East
end, where there are picnic tables on the east shore of the pond.  The
southern most table was been rotated so that it points to the tall willow
trees where we first located it.   We could identify it with 8x binoculars,
but since it moves like a vireo and was quite a ways off , it was easy, and
better to follow it with a scope.  Underside more yellowy than depicted in
Petersen, which helps distinguish it from the less colourful vireos present.
The head pattern was unmistakable.

Other species: Palm, Yellow, Nashville warblers, RC Kinglets, BG
Gnatcatcher, Brown Creeper,  Orchard and Northern Orioles. Several nice
sparrows near the changeroom on the beach shore: Savannah, White Throat,
White Crown, possibly a Fox.

We did not see the, Black & White, Blackburnian, Black-throated Blue and
or Yellow-rumped Warblers seen yesterday.

>Directions to  Fifty Point Conservation Area (modified from Cheryl
 (I think the fee is $7.50,btw)
> Take QEW Niagara to Fifty Road.  Head toward the lake and take the North
> Service Road around to the first road which  branches off left (sorry
forgot the name).  There is a sign here pointing to  the Conservation Area.
Enter the Fifty
 Point C.A.  Once in the park, will see the large fish pond in front of you.
Take the road to your right hand side and you go  along the east edge of
this pond. Down toward  Lake  Ontario (north) before you get to the road to
the Marina, is where we  had the bird in the large willows which line the
fish pond area and along  the creek.

Wayne & Fran Bullock
bullock at primus.ca

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