[Ontbirds]Point Pelee Migration Update - May 8, 2005

Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca
Sun May 8 11:17:41 EDT 2005

Foggy and mild conditions first thing this morning did not produce a
fallout of birds at the Park.  In fact, fewer songbirds were evident this
morning, especially at the tip. Aside from the many Yellow Warblers
present, only BLACKBURNIAN, NASHVILLE and MAGNOLIA were seen there. Even
the Yellow-rumped Warblers seemed absent. The tip did produce a couple of
interesting sighting, bot early in the morning. A pair of HARLEQUIN DUCKS
were seen off the east side briefly, before flying away north. Also present
was an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL. AMERICAN PIPITS are being reported
almost daily now, flying overhead. Closer to the Tip Train Stop a MARSH
WREN gave good looks to the crowds of birdwatchers lined up along the
boardwalk. A MERLIN has also been seen flying past  the Tip Area the past
few days.

Other noteworthy birds reported this morning included WHITE-EYED VIREO in
Post Woods, BLUE-WINGED WARBLER north of the Tip Train Stop, NORTHERN
PARULA and a late DARK-EYED JUNCO just north of Sparrow Field, and
BOBOLINKS flying north overhead. Our first BLACKPOLL WARBLER of the spring
was observed at Tilden's Woods.

now common, SCARLET TANAGERS are being reported less frequently. Other than
a few scattered reports of Indigo Bunting from a few days ago, we have yet
to see this species in any numbers. The same is true for Ruby-throated
Hummingbirds. The next good flight of birds should bring them both in.

Also reported after yesterdays ONTBIRDS post were the following species:

WHITE-WINGED DOVE  - Discovered by Paul Pratt opposite Pelee Wings (north
of the Park)
LAUGHING GULL (adult) - Tip
Prairie Warbler - Blue Heron
Clay-colored Sparrow - Blue Heron
Canada Warbler - Blue Heron
Golden-winged Warbler - West beach Trail
Yellow-billed Cuckoo - West Beach Trail
Acadian Flycatcher - Woodland Nature Trail
Willow Flycatcher - Sanctuary
American Tree Sparrow (late) - West Beach opposite Old Camp Henry
Golden-crowned Kinglet (late) -  Loop Woods
Peregrine Falcon - Hillman Marsh

The NEOTROPIC CORMORANT was NOT reported yesterday. We will continue to
update its status daily.

Good Birding,
Friends of Point Pelee
John Haselmayer, Karl Konze, Ross Mackintosh, Dave Martin, Pete Read and
Alan Wormington

Point Pelee National Park of Canada and the Friends of Point Pelee brings
you the Festival of Birds 2005, from April 30 - May 31.  The Friends of
Point Pelee offers daily birding hikes, including evening hikes from
Wednesday to Saturday to May 21.  Quest Nature Tours and Bushnell
Performance Optics sponsor County Bus Tours on May 7  & 14.  First Annual
Fundraising Dinner, Friday, May 13 with guest speaker, Chris Earley.  Visit
www.pc.gc.ca/pelee or email fopp at mnsi.net for more information.


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