[Ontbirds]Point Pelee Migration Update - May 7, 2005

Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca
Sun May 8 11:23:02 EDT 2005

Good morning,

Apparently our  update for yesterday (May 7, 2005) did make it to ONTBIRDS.
Here it is again.


Light southerly winds and rain early overnight only produced a light
movement of birds. In fact, fewer birds were in evidence around the Tip
area suggesting some of the birds present there yesterday had moved on
further north, in the Park or beyond.

Highlights this morning included 2 or 3 flyby DICKCISSELS at the Tip Train
Stop area (flying south), presumably the same YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER south
of the Tip Train Stop as yesterday, HOODED WARBLER and BLUE-WINGED WARBLER
south of the Visitor Centre, a CAPE MAY WARBLER at the half-way stop,
the Sparrow Field in Loop Woods, a few CHIMNEY SWIFTS and more BALTIMORE
ORIOLES. Also just reported at the Tip was a first alternate (1st summer)
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL and once again small numbers of all three species
of SCOTER. A spotting scope is helpful for good looks.

We just received a call that a MARBLED GODWIT is present at Hillman Marsh,
visible from the 1st lookout (?). The NEOTROPIC CORMORANT has not been
reported yet today. It was seen yesterday at Wheatley Harbour but often
only arrives at about 10:30 a.m. As always, we will post updates on its
status as soon as reports come in. Also just reported to us was a
YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at the White Pine Picnic Area. It is not clear
whether this could be the bird observed by many at the Tip first ting this
morning or whether it is a second bird. It seems quite possible.

The following noteworthy species were reported yesterday after our daily

     Clay-colored Sparrow - DeLaurier Homestead
     Thayer's Gull (1 - 1st alternate) - Wheatley Harbour
     Sandhill Crane (3) - Flying past
     Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - DeLaurier Homestead
     Black-billed Cuckoo - Woodland nature Trail
     Solitary Sandpiper - Tilden's Woods
     White-eyed Vireo - Tip Train Stop
     Pectoral Sandpiper  (92) - Hillman Marsh Shorebird Habitat

Weather conditions are expected to remain the same until at least tomorrow.
New arrivals are expected daily.

Good Birding,
Friends of Point Pelee
John Haselmayer, Karl Konze, Ross Mackintosh, Dave Martin, Pete Read and
Alan Wormington

Point Pelee National Park of Canada and the Friends of Point Pelee brings
you the Festival of Birds 2005, from April 30 - May 31.  The Friends of
Point Pelee offers daily birding hikes, including evening hikes from
Wednesday to Saturday to May 21.  Quest Nature Tours and Bushnell
Performance Optics sponsor County Bus Tours on May 7  & 14.  First Annual
Fundraising Dinner, Friday, May 13 with guest speaker, Chris Earley.  Visit
www.pc.gc.ca/pelee or email fopp at mnsi.net for more information.


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