[Ontbirds]Glossy Ibis - Welland

Mark Cranford mark.cranford at ofo.ca
Tue May 3 18:50:54 EDT 2005

Posting for "Dayna Lee" <gizmo at screech.ws>

Mark, can you take a look at this?
I am new at this reporting thing and I hope this is ok (I checked the
review list first) but I am excited right out of my gourd!  
Driving down Cataract Road in Pelham/Welland area today, I nearly put the
car into the ditch when a flock of 5 Glossy Ibis flew overhead and landed
in an open field beside the road.  I drove up the driveway that was there
and the people were very accomodating letting me follow the birds at a
distance up the driveway and into the cornfield.  
>From St Catharines, take the 406 south to where it intersects with the 20
highway heading towards Welland.  Head west on the 20 for about 3 kms and
turn south again on Cataract Road.  All along both sides are open fields
with lot of gulls.  The ibis flock was wandering between 20 highway and
Port Robinson Road.  It was about 4:30 in the afternoon that I saw them and
they were mixed in with a large number of ring-billed gulls.

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