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The surviving Great Horned owlet at Britannia put on a  show today (May 4th, 
2005).  It was sitting high up a tree but the view from below was 
unobstructed.  The owlet was exercising and flexing its wings quite a bit. 
It was located in the same general area as the past 4 days.

You can see the band on one of its legs in this image.



Although I did not capture it in this image, the owlet was coughing up a 
pellet from the one end while white-wash was being expelled from the other 

This image taken of the dead owlet on April 29, 2005.

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> >From my understanding, the surviving owlet had not been seen for a few 
> >days
> leading to some speculation about its whereabouts.  However, it was found 
> again yesterday, Sunday, May 1st, 2005.  A birder/photographer was kind 
> enough to show me where it was perched.  It was located along one of the 
> trails running along the fence and houses on the side where Britannia road 
> is.  It was perched in a tree right by the road.  It was perched in that 
> location for the whole afternoon and was still there when I left late in 
> the day (6-7pm).  Quite a few birders/photographers were there watching it 
> as the owlet was not too high up in the tree and the sunlight lit up the 
> owlet nicely from the front offering a really good view.  The mother owl 
> (from what some were saying) was located in a tall tree within eyesight of 
> where the owlet was perched.
> The weather was not so great today (Monday, May 2nd) but the owlet was 
> found once again along the same trail that runs along the fence/houses 
> area on the side where Britannia road is.  This time the owlet was located 
> further in and perched much higher up than on Sunday but could still be 
> seen easily once spotted.
> Unfortunately, the other owlet....the one that had died...is still slumped 
> in the same tree where the nest is (actually only a few feet from the 
> nest) located.  From people I have talked to, it was slumped on that same 
> branch since last Monday or Tuesday.  Someone had taken a photo of it 
> (last Tuesday?) with its eyes still open, slumped in the relatively same 
> position you would see it today.  I suppose nature will eventually take 
> its course....as it does with all things expired.  But the good news is 
> the other owlet seems to be doing good.  During the time I was watching 
> it, the owlet dropped whitewash about 3 times so I'm assuming it's eating 
> well.

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