[Ontbirds]Northern Mockingbird in Scarborough

Jim Munroe jmunroe50 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 21:00:19 EDT 2005

    JIm Munroe

   Tues. June 28 2005

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   I  have  been  watching and listening to a Northern Mockingbird in the
   cable  and  transformer  yard  just  to the south of the Toronto Hydro
   building at 28 Underwriters Road (west side) for about a month now. It
   starts  it's wonderful variety of calls every morrning and usually can
   be heard until the early afternoon every day. It can be spotted on the
   lighting  poles  in  the  yard  or  on  the  roofs  of  the surroundig
   buildings.  Access to the property is restricted to employees only but
   it  can  be  easily  seen  from the road. You will most likely here it
   first as it sings all day long.

   Underwriters Road is one block west of Birchmount running south off of
   Lawrence. The Hydro building is half way down the road on your right.


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