[Ontbirds]Red-necked Grebes nesting in Bronte Marsh

Gavin Edmondstone sue-gavin at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 2 10:44:58 EDT 2005

Photographers looking for a prettier Red-necked Grebe nest to shoot may be 
interested in a nest in Bronte Marsh. The nest is anchored to lily pads at 
the south edge of the pond off Bronte Creek just north of Lakeshore Road. 
Bring your longest lens and be prepared to be buzzed by Eastern Kingbirds. 
Try not to point your optics at the condo building in the field of view 
behind the nest...we live in it and don't want our neighbours getting upset 
with a perceived invasion of privacy

There is one Red-necked Grebe nest active in the Bronte Outer Marina. As of 
yesterday (July 1) there are 6 eggs in it. This nest is at the west end of 
the traditional nest area. The eastern nest is now eggless and abandoned. 
The single surviving chick is growing like a weed and easy to see.

Directions:    Exit the QEW at Bronte Rd. and go to Lakeshore Rd., turn 
right and cross the bridge over Bronte Creek. The pond with the grebe nest 
is just north of the bridge. For the nest in the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina 
continue south on Bronte until it ends and turn left. Park just east of the 
Lighthouse Restaurant. The nest is beside the larger picnic dock.

Gavin Edmondstone
Oakville, Ontario 

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