[Ontbirds]Big Creek mudflats

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Thu Jul 7 10:23:57 EDT 2005

Hello Ontbirders -

I would like to re-iterate what was reported by Len Jones on the vast 
growing mud-flats at Big Creek (Essex County)
near Holiday Beach Migration Observatory.  Local birders are encouraged to 
scope-out this area with the current north winds bringing in south-bound 
shorebirds.  I pulled over near the Big Creek bridge yesterday while passing 
by and was amazed at the numbers of aquatics and other birds feeding in 
shallow ponds - a quick count tallied 152 Great Blue Heron, 57 Great Egret, 
1 imm Bald Eagle, 1 Black-crowned Night Heron, as well as dozens of 
shorebirds including Len's Black-Bellied Plover.  A scope is definitely 
required, which I wasn't carrying at the time.  Shorebird mud-flat habitat 
is undoubtedly expanding as well near the Hawk Tower at HBMO, also part of 
the Big Creek wetland basin.  A big stink is developing in the municipality 
of Amherstburg over the local hunt club's draining of the marsh to augment 
waterfowl habitat/vegetation during the current drought.

Big Creek is located ~ 5 km east of the town of Amherstburg adjacent County 
Rd 20, and ~ 1 km west of the village of Malden Centre.

Good birding -

Michael Malone

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