[Ontbirds]Wye Marsh -July 7th

Wye Marsh Research research at wyemarsh.com
Fri Jul 8 13:55:39 EDT 2005

I was out in the field yesterday, July 7th for the entire day.it was not a
dedicated birding day, but here are the species sighted.this is for Wye
Marsh cell, the Wye River between Wye Marsh cell and Preston Cell, as well
as Preston Cell:


Lesser yellowlegs (2)

Spotted sandpiper (1)

Trumpeter swans (12), many of which are now grounded

Hooded merganser, 1 mother with 3 offspring, 1 with 2

Mallard (2)

Wood duck (17)

Pied billed grebe (1)

Common moorhen (heard 3, saw 2 chicks crossing channel)

Black terns (30 or thereabouts, 1 flying juvenile from this spring, some
nests still with eggs)

Blue herons (28).approx. 20 of those were on the ten nests in the Preston
Cell heronry, ready to fledge, with some taking their first flights while we
were there!

Black crowned night heron (1)

Green heron (9)

Common yellowthroat (6)

Veery (3)

Swamp sparrow (10)

Marsh wren (30+)

Red winged black bird (30+)

Hermit thrush (1)

Wood thrush (1)


Also, we have had a single least bittern calling in the evenings and
mornings in Wye Marsh's cell.heading out to the marsh on the boardwalk, you
can hear him off to the right by the first bridge if he's calling, and he
can be heard from the canoe docks as well. 


Julie Kee

Research Assistant

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre

research at wyemarsh.com

(705) 526-7809 ext. 205



Directions: Take the 400 North to Hwy 12 West, take 12 West for approx. 20
min, the driveway for the Wye Marsh is on the left, we share a driveway with
Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, directly across the road from Martyr's
Shrine.  You can also take the Midland/Penetanguishene turnoff onto Hwy 93,
turn right onto 12 East, pass under the railbridge, our driveway is on the





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