[Ontbirds]Bluebirds, Red-headed woodpecker, Oriole famlies

Jon Pleizier jpleizie at uoguelph.ca
Fri Jul 8 18:54:50 EDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

With some great directions from Bruce DiLabio I visited the old burn site in
Constance this morning to check up on the red-headed woodpeckers. My Mom and I
saw the pair of red-heads with with at least one ofspring (they fly around so
much it is often hard to tell when one is coming or going). They really are
beautiful!! We were surprised to see 2 adult EASTERN BLUEBIRDS with one young
at the burn as well as a family of 5 BALTIMORE ORIOLES. Also seen were many
more cavity nesters including many NORTHERN FLICKERS, DOWNY and HAIRY
WOODPECKERS, and CHICKADEES. Such sightings really bring home the importance of
available dead tree boles as nesting sights!

Jon PLeizier
University of Guelph

Directions to old burn site(compliments of Bruce DiLabio: From 417 in ottawa
exit at Eagelson/March and go North on March Rd. Turn right onto Dunrobin Rd
and travel past Woodlawn. Turn right onto Constance Bay rd. Turn left onto
Allbirch then left onto Bayview. May a right off of Bayview onto Ritchie. Very
soon there will be a T intersection- turn left onto the sandy road. Follow tis
road 0.3km to a gate on the right across from a relatively open area. Follow
the trail and look out for the tons of poison ivy!

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